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 Hamlet Gonashvili  - a famous Georgian folk singer ( who died under very tragic circumstances by falling from a ladder while harvesting fruit).

 The compact Disc is completed from the materials of DIMITRY GONASHVILI's personal archive. You may buy this CD in Georgia (CD # AIACD-001)



Maya Karkarashvili  - a famous modern Georgian pop singer ( Here is her some awards: 1993 - in Yalta, 1995 - "Voice of Asia", 1996 - "Slavic Bazaar",  1997 - "A songs of Vilnius", 1998 - "International festival in Kavani" (Ireland).     

Compact Disk s completed in Studio "Soiuz". Producer: M.Saakashvili; sponsors: "EuroPrint", "IntelectBank", Telecompany Iberia", "Radio Audientsia", "II Channel", "Radio-2", newspapers "Shansi", "Oskari", "varskvlavebi", "saotsrebata kidobani". 1998. You may buy this CD in Georgia.  

 Ensemble Tbilisi  - a famous Georgian folk ensemble (Singing Sacred and ritual songs from East and West Georgia. Sung a cappella, with a warm softness and intensity, in the characteristic Georgian polyphonic choral tradition.


Abbreviations: W-West, E-East, N-North


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