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Introducing first digital English-Georgian Dictionary on the NET.
The material design for wide use and is suitable for beginners and more advanced students alike. It contains more then 10 000 words.   

The material presented and edited by  Besiki Sisauri (M.Div.).

I must say a special thank you to our sponsors:


I mean, to Mr. Shota Vashakidze and his son Iva Vashakidze, who graciously made available a financial support on this project. They are much appreciated as friends and mentors.

My gratitude also goes to:


Mr. Gogi Gomelauri, who helped me to have an Internet access in Georgia and made this project possible and enjoyable.

In additional to the original book "English-Georgian Dictionary" by Tamar and Isidore Gvarjaladze this dictionary contains a lot of abbreviations, geographical, religious, historical names and changes.

I hope that this work will contribute to the mutual understanding between Georgian and English spoken nations and thus help to deepen their cultural relations and friendship. Good luck with your study!

You can also view this web opage as: PDF File


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